How to open a bun shop

steamed stuffed bun is one of the people familiar with the breakfast food, the market favorite, joined the prospect is very good. Many franchisees want to know how to open a steamed stuffed bun shop? If you are interested in investing, you need to learn the relevant business experience. Xiaobian finishing some of the experience of others, I hope you can help.



consider consumer groups and people, decoration paperback on the line, but in the decoration in the transfer to the customer management idea, just put the roadside and no difference what baozi inn.

looking for suppliers

technology professional

and must face up and place, must hold a good time, time is too short or too long is not good. Steamed stuffed bun stuffing taste a little light, not too salty. Best can put a layer of oiled Longti in clean cloth (ventilation, to prevent the stick breaking, so the bottom BUN) prepare some cloth, wash every day.

if it is pure takeaway, can provide the best Soybean Milk, if you eat, can provide dipping sauce (simple, soy sauce, pepper, vinegar, let diners themselves, such as the deployment of xiaomizhou) Rice porridge, the summer can provide Mung Bean Congee or mung bean soup.


baozi in strong steam steaming under long time, the skin will absorb water, the skin will be betrayed bubbles. I have seen a steaming machine, which can reduce the steam flux, guarantee the low peak temperature and increase the evaporation time. Big baozi Inn will use the steamer. Too much efficiency.

Other suggestions:

1, you can do fruit and vegetable buns. Now a lot of girls are afraid of fat, do not eat high calorie, with fruit and vegetable juice of some beautiful buns, not only sell well but also less heat.

2, recommended place to put the dough in the customer recommendation

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