Don’t want to be pit you want to reject these suggestions

we set up a company, it is natural to introduce talent, listen to advice. However, not all of the recommendations are useful, entrepreneurs in the management of the company, we must learn how to eliminate the noise, so as to focus on the right to listen to the correct advice and mentor experience and lessons.

1.  pit Dad: no one listens to

Some people love

2.  pit dad two: ambiguous

when you are in the construction of the informal advisory team, you should pay attention to and choose those willing to tell you about the details of the people. But you also need to pay attention to the types of questions you ask yourself. Some vague questions, such as  , "what should I do?"   get vague and possibly blurred. You should ask more specific questions, such as  , "what do you think the board members should have?"   or   "how do you choose your office space?" And ask questions that are familiar to each other.

3.  pit father three: narrow view

in the evaluation of a person’s opinions are reliable, my highest standard is to see their past records. It’s hard for me to listen to a person who is not in his or her career. However, this often brings the risk that past success tends to make them more vulnerable than their previous experience and success.

and this type of conversation, you will soon realize that every conversation is back in the past, such as a business they launched in 10 years ago. But the problem is that changes in the times and the environment often require different operations. Ideally, you are looking for a wide range of recommendations and mentors, or

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