How to open a tea shop profits

speaking of tea, for each Chinese it should not be unfamiliar, even if they are not tea lovers, but in hospitality, always use a variety of tea. And a survey shows that China’s tea population is about 260 million, tea sales market potential. Open tea shop to make money is an indisputable fact. So, open tea shop profit? Big investment? Xiao Bian for you to make the following analysis:

from Shanghai regions, Tianshan tea, tea plantation, nine Tenfu, Wang Mantian, Mount Huangshan tea shop have formed a certain scale of sales. Among them, the development of Tenfu is particularly rapid, now has more than and 520 stores, and formed a production and marketing of a complete marketing system, 2005 sales of 520 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, 60-180 yuan of mid-range tea in Shanghai, especially for the market, for the general public good; and high-end gift tea due to white-collar workers and high-income earners welcome, but also has a certain market potential.

investment analysis: open a tea shop profit? Open a tea shop needs at least 100 thousand yuan of investment, the specific amount of investment should be based on the size of the store and the size of the sale of tea. Stores generally in 40 square meters or more, equipped with two to three well-trained salesman. Tea sales profits are high, retail is generally more than 50%, wholesale also has about 30% of the profits, tea sales profit is relatively low, generally about 10%. The payback period is about 1 years.

open tea shop operating key:

1, supply is, more varieties. The most important thing is to open a tea shop knowledgeable Shihuo, can get cheaper first-hand sources, varieties and advantages in price, in order to attract repeat customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs should know some tea knowledge.

2, pay attention to cultural connotation. Tea is a special commodity, in addition to drinking health care, as well as its cultural connotations. Therefore, only limited to "sell" tea should not store, and should be combined with the appreciation, tea, tea.

for this special tea drinks, in the current Chinese catering market, is undoubtedly a very good space for development. Therefore, if you are now ready to find opportunities for investment cooperation, then open a tea shop is undoubtedly a very good choice, will create unlimited wealth for you.

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