Tianjin Museum of folk art exhibition

in many cases, folk art has been the favorite of consumers, can be more folk culture can be well displayed in front of people, can help people understand the story behind the folk art. Sponsored by the folk literature and Art Association, Federation of Tianjin city "fifth Tianjin city folk art exhibition and the" Earth "collection exhibition opened in Tianjin Museum of art.

Tianjin folk art exhibition held every two years, is the city’s folk art of the latest achievements of the full show, representing the highest level of folk art in Tianjin.

of the folk art exhibition featured more than 400 pieces, involving painted sculptures, figurines, kites, cloth, leather carving, porcelain carving, painting, carving and other aluminum’s hundreds of categories. Both the expert selection out of the new work, but also from the international organization of folk art award master of Arts and crafts, arts and crafts, "Flowers Award" winner of the hand of the fine arts, there are public association artists to carry out "the earth line folk activities and achievements.

at the exhibition site, in addition to the traditional folk art, also can see the latest 3D drawing with the traditional techniques of perfect fusion of calabash gourd pyrography, and derived from the traditional kite making out in miniature, Juan silk kite and giant kite etc.. The exhibition shows a wide range of Tianjin folk art creation, the team is growing and bold innovation of the good situation. In addition, the representative works of Zhang Caisu clay known to every family "dream baby" for the first time with the majority of the audience.

the display of folk art, so that people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, but also to allow more young people into folk art. People in the appreciation of fine folk art, not only can the Guqin and tea as partners, but also in the region will experience life hand between the CITIC flower, a wooden hand into a fine art.

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