Women start empty-handed can do what business

start empty-handed for any entrepreneur is not easy, especially for women is even more difficult. Start empty-handed business, women can do what project? Experts according to the female character, draw up the following 5 categories on the basis of the service industry, as women’s entrepreneurship reference:

A, creative service class

in creation, implementation of the main work of the occupation, for the unruly and creative workers want to combine family SOHO family, including planning, public relations, multimedia design, costume design, editing, translation of words, advertising, music, photography, interpretation etc..

three, science and technology service class

in network and computer technology is so advanced, with expertise in entrepreneurial opportunity very much, including software design, web design, web programming, network marketing, public relations and other technology.

four, supplementary education care


five, the service life of

mainly to store mode of operation can be divided into two independent and franchise shop. Including the bakery, coffee shop, Chinese and Western food stores, clothing stores, gold jewelry stores, shoe stores, home stores, sporting goods stores, books and stationery shops, rental shops, rental of audio-visual entertainment products beauty shop, florist, pet shops, convenience stores etc..


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