What is lean entrepreneurship and its characteristics

if you are going to start a business, you need to understand what the lean startup is and be able to understand its characteristics, as this may help you achieve a corner overtaking on the entrepreneurial path. To know a lot of innovation in Silicon Valley have a large coffee in learning the business model, understand the essence of it is be of great advantage to successful entrepreneurship.

what is lean entrepreneurship?

what are the characteristics of lean entrepreneurship?

1, contact with real customers. In terms of corporate strategy, a lean entrepreneur does not start by writing a "perfect" business plan; it starts with finding a new business model.

2, the courage of trial and error, continuous correction. In the process of new product development and customer development ", to test a series of hypotheses of their own, only through continuous rapid testing and feedback, to prove that the new model is feasible, to deepen the implementation of the lean enterprise.

3, agility and speed. We often hear many product teams referred to the "small run, fast iteration, for a start-up or young companies can use the most important advantage is the ability to quickly take action, and often to those companies that do not process the complex way of innovation.

all this with the traditional rocket type business be quite different. The so-called rocket launch of entrepreneurship, refers to the self centered entrepreneurship. In this way, the needs of users or user pain points are assumed to be known, and the path and solution is also known, the whole process is a process of planning and executing the plan, need to do is research, thinking, then, appropriate and in the implementation process of. Its success depends on two key factors: Genius and genius imagination.

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