Ten couple loaded brand list

now people are willing to show affection between lovers, a wear couples dress is loving. The development of the couple with each passing day, there have been new brands emerge, the ranking of the couple is also ranked in the list of fluctuations, and below to share with you the latest list of the top ten couples loaded!

ten couple loaded brand rankings NO1-52017 couple loaded

52017 – I love you for life! Chinese children’s clothing, couple loaded leading brand. 52017 because of love and life, is a love of clothing brand, make love more fashion! Is recognized as the first brand to join the couple.

ten couple loaded brand NO2- Tom Lily couple loaded


Tom Lily Tomlily couple outfit brand will be a harmonious spirit into the clothing culture, fashion, dynamic, reflecting the integration of fashion and personality. Tomlily is expressed in a confident, comfortable and realistic spirit. Tom Lily couple outfit brand the same feeling of things together, so that their personality is reflected, there are fashion, leisure, but also personality publicity series.

ten couples dress brand ranking NO3- Levi’s Levis couples dress

in the hearts of the world, more than 3 billion 500 million of global sales Levi" s jeans is not only a fashion trendsetter, is a typical representative of the spirit of fashion, with distinct symbolic meaning: independence, freedom, adventure, etc.. Levi’s Levis couple also tend to sexy, personality, rebellious style.

ten couples dress brand ranking NO4- love

is one of the main South Korean brand lovers, but also into the China market, believe that soon she can occupy half of the country in couples dress market.

ten couples dress brand ranking NO5-

in Bai Yun

as the rise of the couple loaded brand has gradually gained a foothold in the market, I believe she is still full of stamina.

ten couples dress brand ranking NO6- his

is the flagship brand of the couple everyone for having heard it many times, his beauty is mainly popular positioning, do not blindly pursue personalized products, also based on this reason, his beauty can be ranked in the top three couples market.

ten couple loaded brand list NO7-1893


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