The young toad breeding to easily transform the prince of wealth

entrepreneurial projects such as stars, but most of the entrepreneurial projects are highly competitive, and innovative projects to be rich by their own discovery is more valuable. Many people hate the toad, but everyone knows, this is annoying toad but the achievements of a young man’s dream of getting rich.

toad, jumped into the

1999 in the summer of Jiangsu, Yancheng at the age of 18 young Yuan Zhengyang failed in the college entrance examination, he had to return home in the village of Hong kong. Seeing other students happily go to college, Yuan Zhengyang secretly vowed: I have to do the hall of fame, can not let you look down on me!

A thunderstorm,

2001 April Yuan Zhengyang xianlaiwushi, in the living room watching tv. Suddenly, a half a palm of filial piety was covered with "Nongbao" toad jumped into the room.

"strip" is

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