Bottle top ten brands list

baby can be said to be a few family expectations, therefore, in the baby to buy bottles, people are naturally very cautious. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone secret bottle ten brands list, so as to give you the choice to make a better reference, so that more people can choose to fit the bottle products.

bottle ten brand list: Pigeon Pigeon NO.1, in 1949 Japan, large multinational companies, ten cream brand women’s baby products leader, Pigeon baby products (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

bottle ten brand list: NUK NO.2, founded in 1947 in Germany, a high reputation in the world market brand of baby products, ten baby products brand, Hutchinson Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

bottle ten brands list, AVENT NO.3 AVENT in the UK in 1984, the world brand 500 strong enterprises, maternal and child care brands in the world famous, large multinational companies, PHILPS (China) investment company limited.

bottle ten brands list NO.4, Dr Brown from the United States, the world famous brand, baby products industry has ten major brand value, brand bottle, industry famous brand, Guangzhou Keleiji Trading Co. ltd..

bottle ten brand list: IVORY IVORY NO.5, in 1975 in Taiwan, the national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Fujian Province, famous brand baby products, industry leading enterprises, Xiamen Di’er Enterprise Co. ltd..

bottle ten brands list NO.6, BoBo Bobo, was founded in 1982 in Hongkong, emerging from Hongkong Industrial Group Co., the company’s brand new baby products, the Yueying children supplies (Shenzhen) Co. ltd..

bottle ten brands list, NO.7 RIKANG: specialized in baby products development, design and production of well-known brand manufacturers, bottle industry, competitiveness of enterprises, Zhejiang RIKANG Baby Products Co Ltd.

bottle ten brands list NO.8, Theodore HITO: the field of infant supplies leading manufacturers, the quality of their products by many countries on the international mother’s trust and love, Shanghai eugenic Baby Products Co. ltd..

bottle ten brand list: Babisil Babisil NO.9, the British brand, the world’s first equipped with silicone liner bottle, the world’s first draft with whirler bottle, ten bottles brand, Babisil baby supplies limited.

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