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with the continuous progress of science and technology, our lives there have been a lot of intelligent products, especially the advent of robots, for our lives to provide more convenient and efficient. In November 1st, the reporter from the Ma’anshan Municipal Science and Technology Association was informed, organized by the Ma’anshan Municipal Association, Municipal Education Bureau and the municipal Party committee, Ma’anshan City Youth robot contest 2016 science and Technology Museum organized will be held in the city of science and Technology Museum in November 20th. At present, the competition is hot registration, registration deadline is November 11th.

it is understood that the game will be divided into primary school group, junior high school and senior high school groups in 3 groups, including the FLL engineering challenge, skill games, game (only subject task group and primary school junior high school group), children’s creative game (only a group of primary school), race, cross-country race comprehensive tracking robot Indiana Jones and a total of 7 sports events. Each event will be divided into one or two groups, third-prize, if the team is less than 3 will be used as exhibition, only for the first awarded outstanding award. In addition, for the winning team coaches, will be awarded the "excellent instructor" title, according to the number of teams participating in the competition and results, will also set up a number of outstanding organizational units.

watch the robot contest in Anhui, Ma’anshan welcomes you, please remember the specific viewing time, do not miss oh! It is reported that the robot for the popularization of science and technology, to encourage more young people to robot enthusiasts in the electronic information, automatic control and other high-tech fields of study, exploration, research and practice, stimulate their interest in science, Ma’anshan has been for many years to carry out the city’s primary and secondary school students in robot competitions, while the construction of the robot laboratory as an important content the education information construction. Through years of training and competition, better cultivation of students’ practical ability, and multidisciplinary knowledge, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade skills and comprehensive quality of the students’ innovation.

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