Shop on the road to pay tuition

no one is born to know every detail of the business, how can we do business well, which are constantly groping and learning process. Mr. Lu Xun said: my nose is not so flat, touch a few walls, the nose flat. Although it is a joke, but rich in philosophy. I like the way of business, ten years, ten years of experience, the way to beat, to go today.

was the first class of customers, Ms. Zhang, when I just took over from his brother in the store, the price of all goods are not clear. Ms. Zhang came to a bottle of pulsating drinks, I thought it was not a bottle of water well, it will be 1.50 yuan, she repeatedly asked, is not false, the pain to buy. Her appearance aroused my suspicion, I called my brother, asked him to pulse the specific price, do not ask do not know, a surprise to ask, the pulse is 3.50 yuan a bottle, I lost $2, heart regret.

then, I got familiar with all kinds of commodity prices, the difficult to remember the commodity price list in a book above, to the customer, immediately consult, but this time, customers are not willing to wait, later, I bought a price tag, the price of various commodities have made a mark, so it eliminates the sell the wrong trouble.

wave is not flat, wave again. Soon after, a male customer came to recharge the phone, when the customer is more, I will give him the card to his charge. But, after a while, the customer said I didn’t also take the initiative to charge into the card, I want to query the bill, no results, I quickly call customer service telephone inquiries card information, customer service said the charge card is. I was ignorant, where the money on the card to?

I called my brother to deal with the matter, but the customer was clamoring to go, my husband was afraid of the impact of other consumer spending, let him go. He left, my brother came, asked me if he is a new mobile phone, put the two numbers, he is sure to recharge a mobile phone number, but let me check another. The customer is out of the field, where we do not know where to live, so the loss of 50 yuan in vain.

in this way, we have to pay a tuition to learn the detailed operation and recharge card sales should be calm and careful.

later, I met with fake money consumption customers. The village Yan uncle looks pretty honest, that he took a 100 yuan bills, buy two packs of "Hongta mountain", when too many customers, I didn’t want to, just throw money into the drawer. Lightly down, I make the money in the drawer, found that one hundred dollar bill is counterfeit, because he only received a 100 yuan, is obviously a big yan. I only eat the grievances, must pay special attention to in mind when their next money warning.

one by one