nternet era to understand the legal knowledge of trademark infringement

in the Internet era, the rise in the number of various types of commercial icons soared. Now the number of Internet trademark disputes than the number of traditional trademark disputes increased significantly, a new generation of entrepreneurs must be aware of the professional knowledge in this field.

The investigation report:

trademark dispute caseShow

The taxi drops APP sued for trademark infringement by Sina App sued for trademark infringement case and the 2015

2014 concluded that this is. At the same time the "net", "Lu Jin", in trademark infringement cases, then highlight the name of well-known trademark under the banner of counterfeiting, near the famous chaos, reflects the seriousness of the trademark App market beachhead. In 2015 accepted the millet company v. Hua Zhong Gong Li, millet company e loan finance company loan millet trademark infringement case of two, but also reflects the era of Internet financial chaos trademark.

involved in such cases the defendant, not only including Baidu, Sogou, Taobao, Jingdong, Sina and other well-known companies, many emerging Internet companies such as small companies, and a network of orange, bought, Wo Wo Group, glutinous rice nets in which, some even sued several times. It is worth noting that some Internet companies began as a plaintiff, for other Internet Co launched a trademark infringement lawsuit, such as Tencent Inc adorable I love companies such as "fake heroes union" and "Denon eight" and a number of games against trademark infringement, foreign gaming giant will Ukraine company sued DOTA game trademark infringement, and recommended

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