Anhui college entrance examination how to do Expert advice

college entrance examination is a war, this is everyone knows, however, relative to the college entrance examination, in fact, voluntary reporting is more difficult, but also because of a mistake, let the entrance to ashes. So, if you want to make their own efforts for a few years to really return, naturally also need to do a good job in the college entrance examination voluntary reporting. Anhui college entrance examination how to do? And let the experts advice.

college entrance examination has been completed ahead of a batch of ordinary arts and reporting, next will continue to be the common college of art, such as batch reporting. How to scientifically completing the volunteer form, so as to grasp, and let the score play "maximize" effect? Reporters interviewed the Anhui provincial college entrance examination experts, experts recommend as follows.

According to the

data set: first according to the examinee report results and rankings, reference "2016 Anhui college entrance examination guidance" published in nearly three years of admission data, ranked in the college admission scores of nearly three years to find their scores were ranked position, and then calculated for their reporting institutions range. One of this year’s two batches of parallel voluntary institutions from 4 last year to 6, the implementation of multi round Toudang plus the provincial hospital examination, so for the candidates, more opportunities.

academies have gradient: 6 parallel voluntary institutions Toudang order is in accordance with A, B, C, D, E, F, if there is compliance with the conditions of the school is Toudang toudang. Therefore, the 6 best colleges graded gradually reduced to be arranged, rushed rushed to school on the highest level, A volunteers hope to hold on, the largest colleges on the final as the base.

professional obedience: every year will occur as candidates for completing professional disobedience is downshifting phenomenon. And select the "professional obedience" will increase due to the reported candidates Toudang professional can not meet the chance of being admitted, reduce risk tuidang. In particular, many colleges and universities now have the opportunity to adjust the professional after admission, candidates can fully understand the relevant policies, consider the adjustment of the advanced school professional.

Every year the

would be the case, the university entrance exam is very ideal, but because of voluntary reasons, finally kicked off this painful lesson, students in the college entrance examination in 2016 the natural need to pay attention to it. So, if you want to make a real change in their lives in 2016 of a year, volunteer to fill the work is very important oh.

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