Take over the transfer shop entrepreneurs must pay attention to the following six points

now, when the boss, in addition to choose a good project, shop address also need to pay attention to. Many people start a business, want to take a shortcut to take over a popular shop. On a paved the way, I only need to pay a bit whimsical to transfer fee, will be able to sit back and enjoy the. Over the transfer of stores, there are some attractive advantages:

1) in the facade of the downtown area, the facade of tight, large passenger flow.

2 former boss to do a good job in business, there are a lot of customers, increase the intangible value.

1) must confirm the identity of the current owner. Don’t be too hasty to think that a person is a boss. If you do not confirm the identity of the case, who are likely to be a liar, to be cautious. Confirm the identity is very simple, one can ask around the shop; two can look at the rental contract; see business license on the legal person three. If the identity is not determined, there is no need to negotiate.

2) get Qing ownership housing, to find the real landlord. Sometimes, you don’t want to tell the landlord sublet party contact, or deliberately find a landlord rent or premium to defraud the impostor, once found this situation, you don’t have to talk to him, can also consider the alarm, lest he should cheat others.

3) to find out whether the facade will be demolished, there will be no big changes around, such as road transformation. Some shops have just taken over, there is no decoration, it is faced with demolition, when the time comes, you can only destroy the teeth to the stomach swallow. This is a fatal blow for entrepreneurs.

4) to clarify the former lease households debt. The first is the supplier’s payment, now a lot of business are the first to take the goods to the settlement, if your former owner owed to suppliers for it, even if you and his agreement written inside the Qing Chu debt has nothing to do with you, they may day to block your store, you have a big loss! But the lawyer said this kind of thing is the general legal support suppliers, well you should eat yabakui! The second is water, gas and other costs have. These things are fine for Qing, Qing Chu spend some time! So, be sure to confirm the lease with the landlord, electricity, telephone and other daily equipment shall be requested to assist in updating the transfer; "the franchise contract should pay attention to whether to allow the transfer of others.

5) even if the two sides stated in the contract agreement, the original tenants have the priority to renew this, this is the problem. This priority is actually an overhead – when the landlord is not willing to rent out, the priority is meaningless. And the landlord is willing to continue to rent out, this is his

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