With you to share the skills of children’s clothing

children’s world is colorful, but also happy, tailored to the children’s clothing, so that your child can become a fashion person. The whole network Xiaobian with you to see where the pocket "children’s world, feel" where the bag "children’s clothing collocation skills.

A children’s clothing collocation skills:

usage to master the main color, auxiliary color, embellishment color

a  dominant color is the color of the whole body area, which accounts for more than 60% of the whole area. Usually as suits, coats, coats, trousers, skirts, etc..

b  auxiliary color is the main color with the color, accounting for about 40% of the total area. They are usually a single coat, jacket, shirt, vest, etc.

c  embellishment color generally accounted for only 5%-15%. They are usually in a silk scarf, shoes, bags, accessories and so on, will play the role of fine finishing. The use of decorative color is Japan, South Korea, France, women are best at showing their skills.

(Note: the clothes do not have to, do not have tricks, the best selection of simple and elegant style, to leave accessories display space, so as to reflect the dress collocation skill and children’s clothing brand net interest.


children’s clothing collocation skill two: natural color collocation method a warm colors except yellow, orange, red orange, all with yellow background colors are warm colors.

a. will give people a warm general gorgeous, mature and full of youthful spirit impression, but for no color lines and the warm tone of the color collocation, except white, black, beige, brown, it is best to use the coffee.

b. cool colors in blue at the end of the rainbow of colors are cool. No color collocation and cool tone of harmony, the best selection of black, gray, color, collocation and avoid fawn, brown.

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