Rural entrepreneurship idea big run easy to get rich

also has a lot of good business opportunities in rural areas, and now the business is not necessarily need to go to some of the big city, in some rural areas also have a very unique business prospects and entrepreneurial projects, let’s look at.

ecological pig

ecological pig, the pig model is mainly suitable for 300 to 1000 heads of moderate scale pig farms, large farms and farming district. Is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Zhou Chuanshe and several of his brothers, brother, jointly developed a new eco pig model: the use of biological fermentation manure treatment principle, so as to solve the rural sewage emissions of environmental pollution problems caused by.

There are many rural backyard ducks /


"golden ideas" come from? Aimed at the development of projects, the major to find items, according to industry lead project is golden idea. If the local is the development of the planting industry in the mountains, in the case of the development of the local agricultural industry is relatively full understanding of the situation, you can consider the advantages of fruit planting industry, the development of space is still great. Such as creating a pear, apricot, nectarine mixed planting technology demonstration park, the promotion of new varieties, the formation of scale, make the brand, using technology to change the traditional agriculture, actively guide farmers to increase entrepreneurship, at the same time with red Shi Lan, in order to increase revenue.

"green recommended

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