Hebei the opinions of double activity policy issued

want to smooth and successful entrepreneurship cannot do without a superior business environment, under the call of the central government, all levels of government have introduced a number of policies to support and stimulate the masses of entrepreneurial activity, to create a relaxed, open and active innovation environment.

views, increase financial support. Provincial and municipal financial arrangements to support all kinds of small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurial innovation funds to strengthen the implementation and supervision of capital budgeting. Action plan for the implementation of new industry "hit three years, support the establishment of a number of national and provincial industry" double "demonstration base, to provide financial support for entrepreneurial innovation infrastructure projects.

views, to encourage all types of bank development in line with the characteristics of entrepreneurial innovation mass structural complex financial products and services, to support financial institutions to expand intellectual property rights, equity, orders, warehouse receipts, accounts receivable and notes pledge loans.

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