Electricity supplier to allow young militia entrepreneurship has a new choice

everyone in this era of entrepreneurship, Zhejiang, Tongxiang to the militia groups as a breakthrough point, to carry out entrepreneurial guidance services, the implementation of the village of 100 thousand people to cultivate the electricity supplier of youth militia. For the vast number of young soldiers hand in the Internet, build entrepreneurial innovation platform.

12 16, Zhejiang, Wuzhen, "the world internet light exhibition hall, a man named" find the goods "platform has attracted many visitors stop to watch, won the" Zhejiang province rural e-commerce demonstration youth "award of youth militia Chen Bozhen introduced him to create the industry cluster platform, by everyone likes. This is the Zhejiang city in Tongxiang Province, people’s armed forces in recent years to seize the Internet Conference located in the city of Wuzhen favorable opportunity, a microcosm of youth entrepreneurship and innovation militia.

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