Three types of vehicles will be diverted during the Spring Festival

In January 15th, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, to ensure the smooth flow of urban main roads during the Spring Festival, the city traffic police detachment will be in my four entrance, for all kinds of transit vehicles, via our city not registered in the city, outside the large and medium-sized trucks and above the permitted weight more than 10 tons of freight diversion.

it is understood that the implementation of triage time from January 20th to February 17th, the shunt direction and route: from east to west direction to implement into the Beijing Tibet highway toll station by way of regulating shunt gap; from west to East West High Speed Steel implemented by Huang toll station into the Beijing Tibet highway regulating shunt way from the South; the implementation of the north direction into the South transit bridge along the Ningda expressway running by way of regulating shunt Nanchuan Industrial Park West Tower high-speed toll station; from north to south direction implemented by Ningda expressway or Chaoyang North toll station into the bridge along the West South transit speed regulating shunt way; the other direction according to the Xiakou toll station Xigang, toll stations, toll stations, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Chaoyang North toll station is the entry node, complete or end point driving into the starting point Route trajectory.

in addition, the city traffic police detachment responsible person, the traffic emergency diversion measures is to during the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival in 2014 in response to China’s traditional urban traffic volume increase, through implementation of the shunt measures on the part of the vehicle, and to reduce traffic pressure in the city center, to ensure that people live peaceful, safe and smooth the holiday. Bypass bypass measures depending on the traffic flow changes in time to start, if necessary, will be adjusted properly.


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