The Jade Mountain Highway Tunnel

reporter in December 11th from the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau Yuqu highway project department was informed that our province Yushu region’s first high-altitude long tunnel, highway 308 line Yushu to the red hill of Qumalai highway tunnel, the construction unit after 810 days of hard fighting, successfully completed in December 10th, marking the Yuqu highway control project of all nodes according to plan complete the work, for the line of highway opened to traffic next year to lay a solid foundation.
it is reported that Yuqu road is located in the territory of Yushu, the design for the two roads, the red hill tunnel is located in the state of Yushu town and Long Bao Zhen at the junction of the red hill, is a single tunnel two-way traffic tunnel, the tunnel length of 3170 meters, 4280 meters elevation export import pavement, road surface elevation 4350 meters, a total investment of about 280 million yuan. In the process of the construction of the Red Hill Tunnel, construction units to overcome the cold and oxygen, complex geology, large gushing water and other unfavorable factors, to ensure the completion of the tunnel construction tasks during construction period. The transfixion of the red mountain tunnel not only enriches the construction experience of the same type of tunnel engineering in the south of Qinghai Province, but also plays a positive role in improving the engineering quota of the reverse drainage of the plateau tunnel.


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