Province to deepen the reform of the power system leading group held its first meeting

8 10, governor Hao Peng chaired the province to deepen the power system reform leading group first meeting, deliberation "to deepen the comprehensive reform of the electric power system of Qinghai Province pilot implementation plan", the arrangements for the deployment of related work.

meeting pointed out that deepening the reform of the power system is steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s objective requirements. The construction of electric power system of clean low-carbon, safe and efficient, for our province further energy advantages into economic advantages, and promote steady economic growth and industrial transformation and upgrading, construction of electric power industry market mechanism, promote the steady development of the power market, improve people’s livelihood security level, promote economic and social development in ethnic minority areas, have very important meaning. The relevant departments and enterprises must unify their thinking, build consensus, make an important foundation for deepening the reform of the electric power system reform in the economic field, placed in a more prominent position, and enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, solid and effective reform and better boost the province’s economic and social development.

the meeting stressed that in accordance with the overall arrangements of the central authorities to promote the overall development of the tariff reform and reform, power trading system electricity reform plan, the sale of electricity reform and other key work, especially the key focus, focus on poverty, efforts to solve the prominent contradictions and deep-seated problems restricting the power industry in our province science development. First, we should further promote the structural reform of supply side, effectively reduce the cost of electric power enterprises, reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises. Two to establish a universal service compensation mechanism in Qinghai Tibetan region, to properly solve the problem of universal service cost of electricity in Tibetan areas in Qinghai, and maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the Tibetan grid and the situation of social harmony and stability. Three we should vigorously develop renewable energy and distributed power, the establishment of renewable energy power consumption incentive mechanism, and gradually explore renewable energy to participate in market competition mechanism, promote the construction of clean energy demonstration province. Four to do a good job of electricity transmission and distribution cost supervision and examination work, promote the price of cross subsidy reform, further calculation of transmission and distribution price standard, establish scientific and reasonable transmission and distribution price formation mechanism. Fifth, strengthen the overall planning and management of construction of electric power industry, power supply and power grid layout optimization, distinguish between stock and increment, grasp the power demand side management and efficiency management, improve the safety level of power.

the meeting stressed that the policy of electric power system reform is strong, involve wide, difficult work, we must strengthen the organization and leadership, grasp the correct direction of reform, adhere to the overall design, key breakthrough, step by step, orderly, pilot, improve the working mechanism, the implementation of work responsibilities, mobilize the enthusiasm, to ensure the reform the expected goal and effect.

Zhang Jianmin, Wang Liming attended the meeting.


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