Xining municipal CPPCC inspection and management of urban and rural planning

Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Wu Weizhou, Zhang Ying, led by the CPPCC municipal committee members of the city’s urban and rural planning on the work of the inspection conducted by the inspection of the city’s work in the urban and rural planning work in the city of China, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference of the people’s Republic of China, the city of China, theWu Weizhou, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee of, Zhang Ying, led by the CPPCC municipal committee members of the city’s urban and rural planning in the work of the inspection conducted on the inspection of the city of


inspection group after listen to the details of the total planning and key project planning, Sanhe six shore planning, center city road traffic organization and optimization design, the new rural village construction planning and the next focus report, fully affirmed the achievements of the work plan, and valuable comments and suggestions on my urban and rural planning, planning and management and other aspects.

Inspection Group believes that the overall urban planning is the development of the city, the relationship between the taste of urban development, the level is a very complex system of work. Xining urban planning should be combined with the characteristics of regional culture, scientific planning, to have ideas, have goals, dare to make decisions. In recent years, the management of urban and rural planning in our city to seriously implement the "town planning law" and the "Xining city overall plan", the construction and development of urban and rural scientific guidance, so that the city’s living environment further improved, has made an important contribution to the economic development of Xining. Planning Bureau since independence, carefully carried out a large number of planning and research work, and achieved good results.. Especially after listening to the report, the inspection team is satisfied with the overall feeling. Planning new ideas, high starting point, highlighting the concept of natural ecology, highlighting the concept of harmony between man and nature, depicting a blueprint for the future planning and construction of Xining. If in accordance with the development of such a good idea, Xining city will be greatly improved, people’s happiness index will be higher and higher, Xining prospects will be very good.

for the further urban and rural planning and management work, the inspection team put forward three proposals: one is the comprehensive management of Wa Yao Gou and reconstruction of the demolition work. Wa Yao Gou governance is the focus on the handling of the CPPCC work this year, the governance of Wa Yao Gou market to go with government investment combination, accelerate the development of governance. Two is the use of world bank loans, the World Bank projects and urban planning combined to change the urban landscape, improve the urban environment. Three is to increase the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the plan, to strengthen social supervision, there should be more than the right to the idea of law, strict implementation of the plan, and earnestly safeguard the seriousness of planning.

finally, party secretary Comrade He Can made a position statement: is a comprehensive management of Wa Yao Gou work has been in accordance with the municipal government work plan, combined with the south area development and transformation, by the Real Estate Company in the new millennium area is responsible for the implementation of transformation; two will work in the future to further strengthen the implementation of the "three rivers and six banks" landscape renovation work, at present, Nanchuan River comprehensive treatment project has been completed, the rest of the river water into the city, I will combine the project implemented, to build the city "Sanhe six shore river landscape. three is to strengthen the management of law. Strict implementation of the "one book two card" system, strengthen the examination and approval of project planning and management, increase the intensity of the investigation and punishment of illegal construction, and earnestly maintain planning;

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