Xining Community in the eyes of the people

social construction and social management is the livelihood of the people, but also popular projects. The party’s eighteen major report, "strengthening social construction is an important guarantee for social harmony and stability. We must strengthen and improve the basic public service system, strengthen and innovate social management, and promote the construction of socialist harmonious society." Improve the basic public service system, so that people can change from side to side, and truly feel the party and the government to improve people’s livelihood, the benefits brought about by the people’s livelihood.

in recent years, our province government attaches great importance to the construction of infrastructure in urban communities, promote urban community grid management mode, explore the effective way of social management in rural and pastoral areas, strengthen urban and rural grassroots organizations and social management ability. Over the past ten years, not only improved the conditions of community facilities, improve the service function, but also to the community service concept and service mode to change, for the residents to create a clean, warm and convenient community living environment.

in the interview, whether the community staff and community residents, speaking of the community changes are filled with a thousand regrets. Cai Zhongrong, who lives in the city of Xining, China Lane Community 70 year old uncle told reporters: I lived here for the past 56 years, where the big change! Ten years ago, there is no community, when it is composed of several old aunt neighborhood, there is no office location, what things need to inform residents, we call to the yard to talk about. We need to stamp the neighborhood committee, to the residents of the neighborhood aunt to seal, because the seal is to take home…… Now the situation is not the same, the government pays more and more attention to people’s livelihood, community work, our community has a bright and spacious office, staff service attitude, our life no matter what the big things, the first thought is to solve the community, so we usually either do it all, love to the community around here like home. More importantly, the community staff in a timely manner to the party’s policy to the benefit of each and every one of us. Our neighborhood environment is getting better and better, neighborhood harmony, help each other. As an old Party member in the community to participate in the party organization life, very pleased, there is a sense of belonging. I am happy to live in this community."

Changes in the

community, but also in the work of community workers to explain the work. Increase of office space, hardware facilities, service function, increase the service concept and service mode and the community staff positive spirit, to show to the people is a standardized community. West Street office Xining City West District Jia small community director Cai Yan told reporters: "our community has changed a lot, a cottage, originally a phone into a neighborhood now has an area of 740 square meters, standard community telephone, books, audio, computer, projector and other hardware facilities Goods are available in all varieties.. For the people to provide convenient services, leisure and entertainment in one of the activities of the public space. More importantly, the role of the conversion, community work from ten years ago, managers to serve the community to expand and extend community services. Agency;

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