Seven data free of four procedures to reduce the provincial health insurance bureau streamline busin

November 7th, learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and Social Security Bureau, the provincial health insurance comprehensive combing the handling process, the optimization and adjustment of the 11 business process managers, and director of the reception, in strict Shouwenfuze system at the same time, the implementation of one-time limit system, provide convenience for the insured people.

insured personnel do not need to provide 7 information

– cash reimbursement of medical expenses when the hospital level certificate.

] insurance personnel reimbursement transfer treatment, visiting relatives, medical expenses during the travel time of a round-trip ticket or copy.

– Xining District retirees transferred to the outside of the examination and approval of the unit letter of introduction.

* insured personnel reimbursement in the field of acute or chronic disease due to acute onset of hospitalization time, the need to provide proof of family visit.

from the provincial level transferred out of the insured personnel in the provincial level at the same time when the relationship between the medical insurance of a copy of the ID card; the insured person for the birth of the child care manual when filing.

– reporting treatment allowance when the original hospital discharge certificate, the original medical records and leave. At the same time, the insured will be reimbursed for cash medical time-consuming medical records and discharge summary must be complete, the requirement to provide a.

* medical record home or discharge summary did not seal the hospital, the hospital invoices and detailed list of hospital seal can be.

insured personnel to avoid 4 programs

will declare the insured year, the new business process, the section chief, the leadership of the layers of audit to business after the completion of a unified audit, speed up the processing speed.

directed at the designated hospitals generally reflect the settlement of the hospital to fill out a cumbersome issue, simplifying the procedure, the hospital will be changed to the beginning of each month will be submitted to the hospital last month, a blank bill.

– participants during the period of hospitalization without bed charges, the staff by the telephone or by the local health departments to implement the cause investigation.

– for the unit handling staff generally reflect the proportion of the settlement of the hospital to receive a lower proportion of the problem, the hospital settlement will be changed to the proportion of each year by the number of one-time payment of insurance.


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