Construction of migrant workers rights and interests safety net

With the Spring Festival approaching, a number of measures taken in the city area, the labor security supervision and law enforcement of "zero distance", "zero arrears of wages of migrant workers" as the goal, the wages of migrant workers to carry out a comprehensive restructuring work, safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers to build a safety net "".

the area according to tackling the problem, focusing on the fundamental principles, led by the government, the establishment of a joint conference system. Each responsibility unit according to the functions and responsibilities of the signing of the objectives of the book, the management objectives of the layers of refinement, the full implementation of regulatory responsibility. According to the characteristics of arrears of wages of migrant workers of the industry, the establishment of migrant workers wage arrears hidden ledger, every quarter to conduct dragnet investigation and remediation, arrears of wages and wage arrears signs of the employer, to find early intervention, timely treatment. At the same time, unimpeded rights channels. Through a variety of news media to report complaints to the public telephone, set up a complaint complaint box and service window, timely acceptance of arrears of wages of migrant workers to report complaints. In addition, the focus is on the construction of more migrant workers, catering, processing and other enterprises to carry out inspections. Inspection personnel to take a flexible approach to focus on the payment of wages of migrant workers, labor contracts, etc.. Focus on labor-intensive industry, through attendance records, labor contract, salary payment vouchers, financial books, directly check the wages of migrant workers; to prone to the problem of wage arrears and had the problem of wage arrears of enterprises into the key monitoring range. Since January, a total of 18 cases of wage dispute complaints received, involving the number of 358 people, involving an amount of up to $3 million 78 thousand. Among them, 16 cases of complaints from migrant workers, the number of migrant workers in 323 people, the amount of arrears of wages for migrant workers is $2 million 998 thousand.  

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