Do their duties to serve the masses of the people as an example

In December 21st, the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee team feature of democratic life, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection deputy director of the provincial organization department in the discipline inspection team leader Wu Shihui, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial organization department cadre Zhong Zhijun room two deputy director Luo Chengdong will guide. Municipal Standing Committee Zhang Xiaorong, Yao Lin, Su Rong, Ma Zhongying, Wang Haihong, Bi Xiaoning, Cao Jiansong, Xu Guocheng, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Qiguang, Wang Kailin, Zhang Dongqiang, Song Chenxi attended the meeting, municipal people’s Congress Party Secretary Zou Jiansheng, municipal CPPCC party secretary Ma Haiying attended the meeting.

written informed the 2014 annual meeting of Standing Committee of municipal Party committee team democratic life rectification work program and the implementation of the 2015 annual municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Team democratic life comments. Wang Xiao on behalf of the Standing Committee of the team as a control check, seriously investigate the Standing Committee of the team itself in the "lax false", abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules and the implementation of clean government two responsibility "and other aspects of the problem, analyses the causes of the problems and put forward rectification measures. Municipal Standing Committee members of the team for each individual control checks and conduct mutual criticism seriously and frank, you straight to the point, the theme, both criticized the spicy, helping each other and full of sincere comrade.

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