Slow blocking Paul Chang Xining various departments to actively carry out the work in an orderly man

at present, the Xining public transit city to create a comprehensive improvement of the traffic order, standardize the construction of the parking lot, the construction of intelligent traffic information, such as slow blocking Paul Chang work is in an orderly manner.

bus urban construction, has completed the optimization of public transit network, the feasibility is organizing relevant departments and experts plan, and plans in a timely manner through the media to solicit public suggestions, consensus will be submitted to the approval of Xining municipal government. Bus route selection program has been initially formed, and the traffic police department and public transport enterprises to discuss the feasibility of the program and the next step plan. At the same time, with the completion of the preparation of 300 Bus update program, the Finance Bureau, the SASAC, the Transportation Bureau, bus companies and other departments have begun to discuss financing programs.

traffic order rectification, in order to improve the quality of taxi service, the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation within the city to carry out a hundred days taxi civilized operation. As of now, has dispatched 513 passengers, check the taxi 1421, seized substandard capacities appearance of the car 63 times, transportation accepted 110 non-standard services 27. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the order of road, Xining yunguanchu continue to maintain high vigilance against the "black car". Recently, Xining city yunguanchu, traffic police detachment, the traffic security bureau, Urban Management Bureau and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement, investigate illegal operation of vehicles 39, the implementation of effective combat operations against illegal behavior.

standardized construction of the parking lot, the main city of the parking lot has been formed to form a preliminary draft, is being audited in the process; the city’s road public parking spot layout has also completed the first draft, is the two check.

Traffic information construction of intelligent

, has now been confirmed in Xining city traffic information center project site, the feasibility study report of the overall project has been approved, the project has entered the preparation stage, construction drawings and design documents.


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