Xining Seismological Bureau to carry out earthquake emergency drill

to seriously implement the "Xining earthquake emergency plan", "Xining city inspection earthquake emergency plan" effect, improve the rapid response capability, earthquake disaster prevention and coping ability decision-making ability, improve the emergency rescue system.

8 26 day 18:38, commanding general secretary Feng Zhenman ordered the Seismological Bureau of cadres and workers of earthquake emergency exercises began! Seismological Bureau of personnel, follow the prescribed order, orderly On your marks walkthrough. The earthquake emergency drill combined with the actual work of our bureau, to take a combination of outdoor exercises and indoor exercises. 19:57 earthquake emergency drill end.

the earthquake emergency exercises, according to Seismological Bureau 2010 "7.1 Yushu earthquake", 2008 "5.12 Wenchuan earthquake" to deal with the situation, the use of daily management, earthquake emergency work of earthquake emergency site work, emergency work behind the working group to carry out a series of work and related equipment, emergency equipment for combat. All the staff are also emergency procedures and business aspects of the problem, how to better refine the emergency measures, the establishment of a more scientific and efficient earthquake emergency response procedures, deeply study in terms of better service to the economic construction of Xining.

After the end of the

exercise, Tang Yanhong, deputy director of the problems and deficiencies in the exercise of the review, the existence of loopholes in the repair.

after the combat simulation training, training the team, the staff familiar with all kinds of emergency operation and the whole process of earthquake emergency action procedures, strengthen emergency personnel fluency and confidence, a comprehensive examination of the Seismological Bureau of cadres and workers to respond to the sudden earthquake disaster ability, promote the coordination and mutual responsibilities that is a good basis for combat.




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