Work together to build a happy Xining

  even the day, Municipal Committee Yao Lin, Ma Zhongying, Wang Haihong, Bi Xiaoning, Cao Jiansong, Xu Guocheng, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Qiguang, Wang Kailin and Song Chenxi respectively with the Municipal People’s Congress together with the consideration of the "government work report" and "13th Five-Year" plan (Draft), and listening to their suggestions and opinions, and discuss the construction plan of happy Xining.

in the meeting, the Municipal Committee who agreed that the "government work report", the conception of new stations, look, speak, sum up the work of the past five years, talk about the results, summarize the experience, analysis of the problem existing in the development of a comprehensive interpretation; "13th Five-Year" plan, and the future five years of work and arrangements for scientific study. The report reflects the government for the people, people-oriented concept, reflects the central five development ideas, reflecting the government as a positive, scientific and pragmatic, ambitious, long-term planning. For us to depict the beautiful blueprint for the well-being of Xining, inspiring, inspiring.

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