The guardian on the Plateau — Du Shihai, vice captain of Dongchuan two squadron of Xining public se

"This is what I should do," Du Shihai said during the interview, and in April 14, 2010, a shocking earthquake struck the town of Yushu, Qinghai. Qingkezhijian, housing collapse, Starving people fill the land. bereaved people, desperate cry.

Du Shihai as the first batch of rescue forces 12 hours to reach the disaster area of Yushu, in front of the scene so that he could not breathe, torn with grief. "Help me, I’m here," a faint cry for help came from a nearby three story building. Frequent aftershocks, leakage of liquefied petroleum gas, bad weather, completely collapsed houses, all these tests Du Shihai and rescue soldiers.


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