The third installment of the most smooth candidate road stand out the North chapter

Bridge Street

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Bridge Street, a total length of 2 km, two-way 4 lane, 15 meters wide, the main road is the most prosperous area north of the city, bus lines 16, 2010 through the line (along the main street bridge), two steps of transformation period ", strengthen the street landscape, enhance the image of the north area of portal, centralized reflect the image of the city north district. At the same time, for the serious problem of traffic congestion, street scene transformation process increased the ban on the left side of the traffic guidance text description, increase the Department of parking spaces, ease the parking problem.

smooth story: Small Bridge Street is the most prosperous area in the north of the city, along the shops, markets and shopping centers are more staff, larger traffic. Here all day heavy traffic, bustling, streams of people busily coming and going, Bridge Street People are hurrying to and fro., aerial cable into the implementation of the project, the bridge street plaguing the aging line, wire rod, sidewalk potholes inequality clouds are completely solved; the pavement isolation guardrail installation, effectively regulate the street traffic order, the city environment landscape optimization.

expert group experience:

unblocked index: assumes

once mentioned to the bridge street, many drivers have repeatedly shook his head, because, to be here today, traffic jam, bridge street after all, traffic congestion has been compared to the former greatly improved, people and vehicles reasonably, all the way through.

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bridge street trees planted by the banded tree pool, increase the amount of green bridges; street lights, garden lights, traffic lights, LED small floodlight lamp, buried floodlights, advertising light boxes; all kinds of lighting to create a beautiful night scene; traffic signs, bus line card, corridor, waiting the trash, public telephone kiosks, kiosks, books and newspapers;

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