Organized by the Mashav project in Heilongjiang Province, greenhouse vegetable protection technology

8 from Feb 28 to September 2nd, in the China Association for international exchange of personnel under the support of the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of foreign experts and the Qinghai Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences invited Israel international cooperation center "Ma Schaff" organization (MASHAV) facilities agricultural experts to the province to carry out lectures, "plant protection technology training facilities vegetables.

two Israeli experts early into the sea east city of our province, the safe area of agricultural facilities point of on-the-spot investigation, understand the basic situation of agricultural facilities in our province, and the basic principle, for greenhouse production of greenhouse climate control, the basic principles of soil pests, pest prevention and control of teaching content. Teaching experts explain carefully, patiently answered, the majority of the participants said the training targeted, practical, provides a theoretical basis of learning opportunities for scientific research workers and technical personnel for production line. From the Qinghai Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units, as well as chase, colleagues, mutual aid and other counties of the vegetable technology service centers and related vegetable cultivation company technical staff of nearly 70 people to participate in training.


" (MASHAV) is the Hebrew Israel international development cooperation center, founded in 1957, as a department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Israel, Israel seeks to share the advanced technology and experience of experts, training, including emergency management, agriculture, community development, education, medical and public health management. In recent years, the State Bureau of foreign experts China CAIEP under the support of our province in cooperation with "Ma Schaff" organization, have carried out professional training in many fields of drip irrigation agriculture, desertification control, dairy farming, public health, water pollution and so on, to invite foreign experts to give lectures to help solve the green technology the problem, and achieved good results.


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