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August 10th, the province’s rural environmental remediation demonstration work will be held in Xining, Huangyuan

8 10, the province’s rural environment contiguous remediation demonstration work will be held in Xining, Huangyuan. The office of the provincial government, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial water resources department, the provincial forestry department, the provincial health department, and the province, state, city and County environmental protection and environmental protection, in charge of the leadership of the financial departments attended the meeting. Vice governor Ma Shunqing attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

During the

meeting, delegates to the scene to watch the Huangyuan County Sun Xiang GA Zhuang Cun, Kesuoer village ecological agricultural area contiguous environmental remediation demonstration projects, check the rural sewage treatment, garbage collection and transportation and other aspects of the situation, agreed that the contiguous rural environment of Huangyuan County remediation demonstration work bright, good effect, very enlightening. At the meeting, the provincial environmental protection department, the provincial finance department informed the province’s rural environment contiguous remediation projects and fund management. Xining, Haixi state government, Guide County, Ping An county, 4 demonstration areas of government made a typical exchange statement.

At the end of the

meeting, Ma Shunqing, vice governor of the provincial government, made an important speech. , vice governor Ma Shunqing pointed out that, in rural areas contiguous environmental remediation demonstration, is thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, the urban and rural development, building a harmonious society of specific initiatives, is a comprehensive system of pragmatic Huimin engineering, agricultural and pastoral areas is an important way to build green living space, but also to achieve the "two new" goal. The requirements of the times and the historical mission of the construction of ecological civilization first area. Since the implementation of the work, the relevant departments around the linkage, grasping the common management, rural contiguous remediation demonstration work smoothly, the effect is obvious. he stressed that all localities and relevant departments should further enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility and urgency, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration, efforts to create ecological civilization first project, highlight area construction quality engineering. to do a good job to promote the project. Comprehensive consideration of the technical feasibility of rural environmental problems, the possibility of accessibility and the possibility of capital investment, to promote the implementation of the overall plan. two to do a good job of comprehensive improvement. According to the "Five" (village hardening, greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning), implementation of the "five change" (change, lavatories, changing circle, change, change the stove, Kang Village) to keep the difference image, independence and diversity. three to do a good job of standardized management. Further improve the work procedures, management system, strengthen the implementation of the project and the guidance and supervision of the use of funds to promote scientific and orderly implementation of the project. four to do a good job of mechanism innovation. To strengthen the construction of rural environmental protection agency team, the construction of county, township, village three working network, and effectively improve the management, monitoring, law enforcement, publicity, etc.. will grasp demonstration and extension. To combine the reality of our province, the introduction of environmentally friendly products to promote regional characteristics, applicable technology and governance model.  


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