Frozen lake race three wonderful battle


wheels rolling, tension stimulated by the ring of Qinghai Lake international road cycling race has been carried out for nine days. The intense competition has attracted numerous sports fans and audience, talked about people is all about the wonderful lake race, now, more than half the race, let’s recap the lake before the nine stage of the wonderful battle.

wonderful battle:

conquered the devil stage

Lake Race third stage of a total length of 148 kilometers, the team starting from Xining, via the Riyue mountain Daotang River, into the end point, Qinghai Lake scenic area, the third stage is the "devil stage", riders start from 77 km to 20 km, continued to climb, at an altitude of 3451 metres sprint mountain climbing grade point, into many drivers play a turning point, to the end of the game, there are 12 people who did not finish the race. After fierce competition, the Ukraine team of Kors Polly Gators in 3 hours 21 minutes 50 seconds from Slovenia Mark grabbed a symbol of individual total score of the first yellow jersey, "yellow shirts" for the first time, easy to master, Ningxia lottery Fawkes Colorado team took the lead through climbing points, with the first king "climbing around the race polka dot jersey".

wonderful battle two:

staged chase war

Lake Race fourth stage in Qinghai Lake, Gangcha is the most beautiful scenery of the Lake Race stage, due to the fact the three stage of the fourth stage, a total of 134 players participated in the game, before the match part, driver suffered a harsh climate challenge, even influenced by the wind, the driver for war did not stop the fleet to third sprint points, a large group of 17 people in front of the formation of leading group, small group of 6 people continue to force the chase, after the first sprint, big group began to force, chase, chase, and then break break again…… For a time the team was divided into several groups, staged a white hot chase.

wonderful battle three:

suffered a steep sharp

in the seventh stage of the Guide Lake Race to race in Xunhua, along the steep bend, there are forests, yadandemao, the Yellow River, there are mountains and the Grand Canyon, the stage has a climbing point, an altitude of 3530 meters of three climbing points at an altitude of 3100 m and two sprint point. Stage of the 40 km track is relatively smooth, after 40 kilometers on the road, the middle is mostly undulating mountain, visible is very difficult, for the players car control has a very high demand, different from the previous six stages, the drivers need to go through a climbing point a 6.1 km climbing impact 3530 meters the only after the first in the 80.6 km sprint points, followed by 2.8 kilometers climbing to 3100 meters;

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