Cigarettes also know how to identify fraud to prevent deception

in a variety of business products, cigarette products is a most hoax, and often crooks fraud are the cigarette product price is not cheap, the owner once cheated, it may cause huge economic losses. Of course, the industry also has a lot of people who have the skills to identify fraud. Inner Mongolia Wuhai city Haibowan District Yuan Xiang tobacco shop Yan eldest was the neighborhood known as "master knowledge of lie", Yan sister just a few days on the spot more than continuous cigarette fraud.

first steady wins


thing also dates back to the Spring Festival this year, is to pack cigarette counters Yan sister ushered in a thirty year old male customers. Yan sister asked the man to "Chinese (soft)" bar price, buy one and readily to Yan sister paid the money and went out quickly. Soon after, the man returned to the store, buy in the store just claimed that "Chinese" cigarettes are cigarettes, the reason is in the open after that "taste not smoking".

Yan sister explained to the man that cigarettes are selling their own store of genuine cigarettes, each cigarette packaging has its own unique barcode cigarette, and the cigarette is a special commodity, after the sale is not returned. Unexpectedly, the man pulled out of the box from the outside of the box to open a box of Yan Yan sister to identify their own. Yan sister take a look, this box of "Chinese (soft) cigarette color gray, plastic packaging paper is also littered with finely cut tobacco, it is counterfeit cigarettes!

Yan sister hurried to the man again, the store sold cigarettes may never appear cigarettes, man has to extort 500 yuan hush money to Yan sister, or we need to report in store sales of counterfeit cigarettes. Yan sister beyond dispute, suddenly thought: This is not met. Fraud? Yan sister steady stable mood, on the one hand to the man next statement is definitely not from the store, and the "discussion" sealing fee, stabilize the man; on the other hand the use of counter occlusion, quietly with the mobile phone called the area where the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, city management staff call.

is responsible for the area of the sister of the city of Yan Li, a small pipe in the phone after the call, heard a very unusual dialogue". Small Nie and his colleagues rushed to Yan sister Yuan Xiang tobacco shop. Into the shop, the man is still with Yan sister, bargaining, said sealing fee thing. When you see the city clerk, the man immediately panicked, rushed to leave without demur. City keeper Nie small to be stopped in to produce documents to the post, ask the man in the shop to purchase cigarettes after consulting the whole story, and Yan sister.

in the small Nie careful inquiry, the man finally deflated, admitted that he tried to blackmail a cigarette. The original man from the "villagers" hands get a pack of "Chinese (soft) cigarettes," smoke without to lose, so they move crooked thought from the cigarette and liquor vendor for "hush money." he felt Yan >

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