2016, the province’s cooking livelihood pension feast



"NPC and CPPCC" "government work report" clearly, in the future, we must actively promote the elderly care project, comprehensively promote the government purchase pension services, to explore the medical support integration and agricultural and pastoral areas of the elderly support service pilot……

in 2016, the province will be how to cook a meal? These pension policy in the future will bring benefits to the elderly in our province? January 27th, the reporter learned through the two sessions, in 2016, the province will have greater action in the pension service.

: the elderly have a pension meal a daycare center

[menu]: there are 1450 elderly people on behalf of the

support service refers to the people’s government at the county level civil affairs departments and Township People’s government, through the purchase of pension services to the social forces, to entrust the third party to provide basic services home care for the elderly people with difficulties in agricultural and pastoral areas, is a special case of government purchase of agricultural and pastoral areas of home-based care services. Up to now, mainly in the three counties of southern and the state of Hainan for the pilot, there are already eligible for the elderly to receive the service on behalf of the 1450.

[outlook]: on behalf of a comprehensive upgrade service

this initiative to further expand the government to buy home care services to undertake the main. The next step, the province will further strengthen the rural pension service facilities construction plan, focusing on agricultural and pastoral areas of basic pension equalization of public services, improve the old-age service quality level, especially to accelerate the agricultural and pastoral areas of the destitute elderly generation pilot work support service, actively explore a line with the development of the rural pension service of Qinghai actual the way to create, improve the livelihood of the elderly in agricultural and pastoral areas to upgrade, completed a comprehensive well-off society synchronization service.

pension dinner two: the elderly have a protective umbrella

[menu]: 650 thousand for the elderly to buy accidental injury insurance

in order to accelerate the construction of old-age service system in our province, effectively resolve the pension institutions and the elderly at home accident risk, our province has issued the "measures for the implementation of the government to buy old satisfactory to the social forces injury insurance" in 2015 (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and comprehensively promote the elderly accident insurance and pension agency liability insurance. Last year, the government funded the purchase of accident insurance services for the province’s 650 thousand elderly people.

[outlook]: pension institutions covering 100% accident insurance

The implementation of

government purchases the elderly accident insurance policy to the community, the province became the first province to establish a comprehensive general liability elderly accident insurance and pension insurance institutions two system at present, the people of the province;

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