Urban and rural residents to raise the basic pension

recently, the provincial government agreed that the provincial human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice on the adjustment of new rural and urban residents social pension insurance basic pension" (Green Community Hall hair 2014 No. 15), from January 1, 2014 to adjust my province new agricultural insurance and home insurance city the basic pension per month, an increase of 25 yuan, is now 85 yuan per person per month to 110 yuan per person per month. 34 thousand and 200 urban residents and 380 thousand rural residents directly benefit.

adjustment of the standard, the State Council decided on the basis of 55 yuan standard, following the province in 2012 to adjust the basic pension after another adjustment. In the province’s economic downward pressure continues to increase, the macro environment of the complex environment, the provincial government raised 124 million yuan of funds to the majority of urban and rural residents at the beginning of the new year to do a real thing. Fully reflects the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to do the livelihood of the people, to improve the livelihood of the people to build an upgraded version of the ruling concept, the provincial government to fulfill the practical measures to carry out ten specific initiatives. After adjustment, the basic pension level of urban and rural residents in Northwest and Western fourth jumped to the first place.

the adjustment to improve the urban and rural social endowment insurance system, improve the level of protection, promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas play a positive role, to enhance the attractiveness of system, guide the youth in urban and rural residents have a positive impact on insurance payment. At present, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, has adjusted work arrangements for the work, the agencies at all levels has developed a detailed work plan, are actively raise funds, payment of basic pension adjustment information system, personnel organization, pay close attention to implementation, to ensure the basic pension adjustment will be issued before the end of March in place.


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