Provincial Party committee of the first inspection team to inspect the situation of the provincial P

according to the provincial unified deployment, in July 8th, the first provincial inspection teams to the province, the people were appointed party feedback of special inspections, leader Dojena Jean conveyed the important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, on behalf of the special patrol inspection teams feedback situation. Provincial Party committee secretary of the people’s Congress opened wow presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Dojena Jean pointed out that the party since eighteen, provincial people were Party committee adhere to the party’s ethnic and religious policies, promote the overall development of ethnic and religious work, and promote the creation of national unity and progress of advanced area focus on the implementation of the tasks, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: the leadership of the party is not strong enough, based in our province and province, the people were appointed actual, put forward specific implementation measures, promote not take the initiative to the central and provincial government major decisions and landing, to guide the party to fulfill the main responsibility is not timely; strong enough to implement the "two responsibility" gap, existence of disciplinary problems and carry out the warning education is not timely, not in place to fulfill its oversight responsibilities Commission for discipline inspection organs and cadres illegal problems; play the Central Party leadership role is not enough, behind its own system construction, study on important issues in the religious administration according to law, strengthen the management of religion the transaction is not strong enough; without collective research, illegal disposal of state-owned assets; project supervision system is not perfect. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected, has been transferred to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and other relevant departments in accordance with the provisions.

Dojena Jean on behalf of the inspection team made six suggestions. First, improve the leadership of the rules of procedure. Concerning the matter of "three priorities and one big", it must be decided through collective discussion and give full play to the leading role of the party. Two is to adhere to the party’s national and religious work, the central and provincial authorities to implement the spirit of the instructions to all aspects of the work and the whole process, and promote the healthy development of our province’s ethnic and religious undertakings. Three is to further strengthen the overall strict party awareness, compaction of the two responsibilities, so that honest government and business work. Four is to strengthen the system construction, improve the level of standardized management. Five is to strengthen the political learning education, strengthen the sense of discipline and rules consciousness. Six is a problem oriented, comprehensive rectification patrol found problems.

open wow, said the provincial inspection teams feedback opinion, comprehensive and objective, practical and realistic, the Party pointed out the overall acceptance of the inspection, and resolutely rectification. The Party General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech to guide practice, earnestly implement the strict requirements, persevere to promote clean government transformation, use of inspection results, and promote the healthy development of ethnic and religious work.


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