Xining police cracked 2 8 kidnapping case is under trial

February 12th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference, the public to the community informed of the occurrence of the West District of Xining City, 2009·, 2· 8 provincial supervise the case of kidnapping. At present, the hostages unharmed, suspected of kidnapping suspects Moumou, Yang, Wu Moumou, Moumou Moumou 4 people.

10:40 on February 8th at

PM, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol Corps in Zhuhai Xu Moumou report said: the 17 year old son on the same day at 1 pm, kidnapped victory road in the West District of Xining city primary school in front of the door, the kidnappers extorted 1 million yuan in cash.

case immediately aroused the attention of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau and the West Branch of the leadership, and organized the police held a case analysis meeting, the deployment of the work of the investigation of the case arrangements. After the three day of the incident, the kidnappers continue to use the IC card to call the victim to extort cash of $1 million, and constantly changing the location of the transaction and trading time, threatening the families of the victims, such as not to give money to kill the hostages.

police were using various means of investigation and criminal suspects with February 10th at 15:40 in the afternoon, was dispatched there, the police will come to Chaoyang under the viaduct withdrawals suspects Yang Moumou, solution, Wu Moumou (three people were unemployed, the Department of Xining City Chengdong ZHUJIAZHUANG village people) arrested, and at 16 PM, in the new bridge will Ning West District another fugitive suspects arrested Sarah, the hostages were safely rescued.

currently, the four suspects have all been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.



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