The province’s first digital education platform to start

In December 20th, the pilot work of the first national digital educational resources, public service platform "I start running in the north of the District Education Bureau, the project by the state free of charge for the opening of individual space of 17 schools in the area of teachers and students, so that the majority of teachers and students through the information resources sharing, interactive mode, comprehensive transformation of traditional teaching to the digital campus, teaching wisdom…… Image point is: in the teaching of lessons, homework, homework preparation, etc. can be carried out in a "personal space", if the student can not go to school due to illness, synchronization can be achieved through the observation network and students at home.

is to carry out the national educational resources of public service platform for large scale application pilot (pilot work this month simultaneously throughout the country spread) is to promote a major educational initiatives that benefit the education informationization construction, is of great significance to the realization of educational process reengineering and change of teaching mode. The purpose of the pilot is to promote the 5 aspects of space application, resource application, teaching reform, network cooperation, mechanism exploration. Schools, teachers, students, parents are free to register the teaching space on the platform, the basic function of free trial teaching space, but also according to the teaching needs to expand the space function. To support education in western countries, the central platform to the 13 pilot areas in the west each district to provide 500 thousand yuan of subsidies, I Chengbei District, Qinghai Province as the only pilot areas, teachers and students will complete the creation of personal space in September 2014, and the application of space and resources gradually normalized."  

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