The province has set up a financial service points 4763 points

reporter learned from the provincial government office, in recent years, the province actively promote agricultural financial services, pilot and promotion "to help farmers teller + rural electricity supplier" mode, as of the end of 10, the province has set up financial services to benefit farmers 4763, which, at an altitude of 4000 meters above the regional financial services to benefit farmers 90 business, the cumulative amount of 1 billion 700 million yuan. The herdsmen "far from the village, nearly out of the village to enjoy small cash, convenient query business financial services, financial subsidy funds to withdraw, through the central government grant funds to pay the" last mile "ended, farmers and herdsmen in remote areas even drove dozens of hundreds of kilometers to the business of financial institutions teller history.

It is reported that since the

, to help farmers teller + rural electricity supplier model promotion, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch in China unable to set up financial service outlets and the area of financial services to benefit farmers, guide financial institutions with the mobile service vehicles, mobile service outlets handle basic financial services for local farmers and herdsmen. Qinghai Province issued "basic financial services to the weak areas of banking financial services and provincial financial subsidies management measures", for financial institutions to establish fixed bank outlets, fixed time service, ATM, financial services to benefit farmers in agricultural and pastoral areas were given 400 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 10 thousand Yuan one-time subsidies, subsidies to run and for three consecutive years in different amounts. Each receiving agency to expand the financial service providers to benefit farmers to give 300 yuan monthly subsidy. Two subsidy policies to effectively improve the effectiveness of the financial institutions and agents involved in the business, the establishment of a set of institutional mechanisms to improve the operational mode of financial services to benefit farmers.

at the same time, in accordance with the size of the business will be the existing service points, service stations and service centers, classification of service points to enhance the comprehensive function. Service on banks carry out small loans, revolving loan services, and actively expand the application of cash remittance, transfer, payment and other functions; service station at the point of service functions on the basis of open online banking, mobile phone banking experience zone; actively carry out financial policy propaganda. Relying on online banking mobile phone banking experience area, farmers and herdsmen to demonstration and promotion of electronic settlement, to carry out financial consumer protection, the service center of mobile financial services, accurate poverty alleviation loans, anti counterfeit money and credit and other financial knowledge propaganda. On the point of service agents households business training, training coverage up to 100%.


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