Thangka charm Yao Xining xiadou

from August 10th to 14 in the south of Xining International Convention and Exhibition Center

August 3rd, reporters from the fifth session of the Qinghai international Thangka art and Cultural Heritage Expo press conference was informed that the 2012 Qinghai international Thangka art and Cultural Heritage Expo will be held in the south of Xining International Exhibition Center from August 10th to 14. Qinghai international Thangka art and cultural heritage exhibition was founded in 2008, aims to tap and display to Thangka art mainly features of Qinghai folk culture resources, the development of cultural tourism industry, to reflect the geographical national characteristics and cultural brand, promote Qinghai cultural development and prosperity, providing good spiritual motivation and intellectual support for harmonious civilization the construction of the new Qinghai. The fourth session of the Expo, received a total of domestic and foreign merchants and tourists inside and outside the province four people, the amount of sales to exhibit Thangka, arts and crafts such as more than 10 million yuan, the order, the contract amount reached two hundred million yuan, achieved good economic and social benefits. In the construction of cultural province, and promote national culture, the development of cultural industries as the theme of the Expo, will launch the exhibition, forums, performances, 4 groups of text of the 16 activities. Among them, the exhibition sector with innovative ideas focused on the introduction of cultural and creative industries, Thangka art, intangible cultural heritage, Qinghai boutique books and audio-video products, folk arts and crafts, painting art, ethnic characteristics of Eurasian artists paintings, stone 8 exhibition; forum plates include public cultural services and cultural industry research frontier minority area project promotion and the second signing, Thangka skills contest; performance include theme party Regong style dance charm "," the national dance square every day speech and Qinghai opera and classic "flowers" performance; mass culture plates include Thangka Festival – country concert, similar to "Thanksgiving mother river into the Sanjiang source" eleven provinces "situation over the Yangtze River" photography exhibition. (author: Shi Xiang Li Jie)

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