The first section of Qinghai railway grid library T beam concrete water

4 month 20 days, with the Golmud beam field the first 32 meters of prestressed reinforced concrete T beam in concrete pouring is completed, the railway section of Qinghai grid library first T beam pouring concrete success. This marks the grid library Qinghai section of the railway control projects focus on beam field has the ability to produce T beams, and opened the prelude to the Qinghai section of the 949 hole prefabricated T beam work.

in December 28, 2014 to start construction of the railway section of Qinghai grid library, a total length of 505.6 kilometers, the construction period of 5 years. At present, Qinghai line has started construction, is expected in December 2018 will be opening and operation of railway section of Qinghai grid library.

grid library railway from Golmud City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai province by the mangnai Commission, county, Ruoqiang Xinjiang autonomous region in Yuli County, Xinjiang autonomous region Korla City, about 1213.7 km. A total of Golmud, Ruoqiang, Korla, South gansen East 86 station, construction standards for the national railway electrification class I single track railway, the design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, estimated total investment of 37 billion 641 million yuan, the estimated investment of 13 billion 795 million yuan in Qinghai.

is a land grid library rail transportation channels in China to West Asia, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region, to improve China’s western region especially the railway network structure of Qinghai and Xinjiang two provinces, to further promote the Silk Road Economic Belt strategy and Qinghai, two provinces of Xinjiang economic and social development, promote economic and trade exchanges and resource development along the region that is important to strengthen national unity and consolidate national security area.


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