Mutual aid half way to achieve the basic traffic

October 28th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Engineering Administration Department learned that concern huzhulu this year has carried out comprehensive improvement of the two phase of the project, has been completed on the south side of the roadway asphalt paving and lighting installation, road south half has been opened to traffic. After the opening of the road on the south side of the road becomes more spacious, greatly reducing the pressure on traffic jams, convenient for people to travel.

it is understood that the road is the main road to the city, the optimization of the transport system, expand the urban development space, enhance the quality of the city and docking speed is of great significance. The road renovation project began in the starting point and end point road, stop at the wool District, a total length of 3 kilometers, 40 meters wide, 28 meters of roadway. Huzhulu comprehensive renovation of the two phase of the project in advance after half a year, has been completed on the south side of the roadway asphalt paving and lighting installation, road south Demi has reached traffic conditions, to achieve the basic traffic, at the same time, also for a period of mutual road project of asphalt pavement paving and road marking facilities this is fundamentally improved the area of the road environment and alleviate the traffic pressure. After that, the construction side will continue to increase horsepower, as soon as possible to achieve full opening.

in order to reduce the impact on the public travel, to avoid increasing the pressure on the road due to construction, Xining Municipal Engineering Management Office to develop the project implementation plan, well-organized, careful arrangements. Construction, construction workers to overcome the difficulties in the work, to give up holidays, overtime, hard work, strict implementation of the basic construction procedures to ensure that the project quality, safety, schedule completed.


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