Five Combinations of Huangyuan practical activities

Huangyuan County People’s expectations as propaganda guidance, put people’s satisfaction as the goal of propaganda work, face the problem not evade, do not hide, carefully analyze the causes, pay close attention to the "Five Combinations", to ensure that educational practice is not as a mere formality.

"Five Combination" includes: to carry out practical activities and carry out publicity and education of provincial cities and counties to implement a series of important spirit together, to understand the essence of justice, efforts to expand the depth of learning, and strive to promote the publicity work, the results of educational practice into actual effectiveness of the work; combined with the characteristics of socialism and China "Chinese dream" publicity and education, in-depth propaganda "Chinese dream" of the spiritual essence, essence and the way of realization, "Chinese dream" convergence of positive energy from the county’s reform and development; combine and promote and practice the socialist core values, the volunteer spirit vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. The innovation of learning from Lei Feng activities, highlighting the connotation of socialist core values; and strengthen the propaganda of public opinion guidance, cohesion The social development of positive energy together, in accordance with the unity and stability, positive publicity principle, strengthen the county’s educational practice propaganda orchestrated propaganda theme, centralized system, for economic and social development in Huangyuan to deliver more "good sound", gather more positive energy; and news front "walk, turn, change" activities combine to guide journalists to establish political awareness, the overall sense of responsibility, sense of service, and constantly improve the guidance of public opinion, respond to social concerns, the ability of the service life of the people.  

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