Booking contracts signed 72 copies of the Xining Hainan agricultural products broker in hand

Recently, Xining city and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau held two brokers of agricultural and livestock products trade fair docking, the two brokers signed purchase and sale of agricultural and livestock products were booked 72 copies of the contract, the transaction amount of 540 million yuan.

through matchmaking, 31 Xining city of agricultural and livestock products agents, business owners and the state of Hainan 42 agricultural products broker, business owners, talks about rapeseed, pepper, garlic, beans, spinach seeds, beef and mutton, sheep skin, Cordyceps sinensis, Hypomesus olidus etc. the intention of purchasing 20 varieties, build a good the platform for the future of the two agricultural products circulation. (author: Liu Xuhong)


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