Our province won the 2016 National Science and technology progress award of the year two

1 9, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council held in the Great Hall of the year national science and Technology Awards Conference of the year 2016. Our province declared "Sanjiang source area grassland ecological restoration and sustainable management technology innovation and application" project won the 2016 National Science and technology progress award of the year two.

The strategic needs of the country

the project aimed at the ecological security of Sanjiang Tibet Plateau source area, according to the regional situation, the development of vegetation degradation and ecological management technology and weak ecological animal husbandry lag, to the sustainable development of ecological system is the premise of the vegetation restoration as the main line, to the ecological production and life system become the core content of scientific cognition the impact of climate change and human activities on grassland ecosystem and its response, system development and integration of the grassland ecological restoration and reconstruction technology, create ecological protection and the development of new production management paradigm, provides a theoretical basis and technical support and innovation mode for the construction of the national ecological security and ecological civilization.

the project has developed 3 industry comprehensive management of the 8 technologies, to create a "zone of" coupling development model, the system answers to the causes of grassland degradation. Through the research and development of the project, the development of 11 varieties of grass, obtained a patent of 5, the preparation of technical specifications for the 40, published papers of the 451, the completion of the consultation report of 1. The cumulative production of 365 million 900 thousand kg for forage seed, Tibetan Plateau and Northern degraded grassland treatment 2 million 670 thousand hectares, 350 thousand hectares of governance black beach, overdrilling natural grassland improvement of 1 million 120 thousand hectares, and grazing grass with update 7 million 330 thousand hectares.

"the results of the study supported the ecological protection and construction of Sanjiang source phase, the two phase of the project, pasturelandrehabilitation project, system of sustainable development ushered in scientific research and engineering practice, and promote the recovery of ecological function in Sanjiang grassland, grassland animal husbandry source change the mode of production and economic efficiency of resource utilization to improve the efficiency of the system, the formation of solution from the theoretical foundation, technological innovation, regional development model integration and promotion plan, provide reserve mode technology and development for the construction of the National Park of Sanjiang source." Northwest Plateau Institute of biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Zhao Xinquan said.


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