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hiring of new employees can be said to be the basis for a company to expand and continue to develop, if a company does not have a few years of changes in staff, such companies may also be difficult to get better development. However, even if the new staff recruitment, but the continuous loss, can not be retained, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of the company. If you want to reduce the cost of this area, naturally also need to find the reasons for the loss of employees. So, what are the reasons for the loss of new employees?

one, some companies believe that unified training than individual training cost savings, so the way to take collective training. Although collective training can teach new employees some general knowledge, and let them get some basic experience, but because it is not in the working state, so can’t really teach them how to work. Even if the collective training to consider everything, but also because of the training of more staff, but can not correct everyone’s bad habits and ways of thinking.

second, some companies are hiring new employees to a department head or old staff training, but the training for the job is busy, often simply let new employees to do some chores, "do this, do that" will make new employees feel in odd jobs. Because of their free play, how to lead new employees will do, the results often fail to make them lose confidence and resign, even left, also may contain a variety of problems, for future work to lay hidden.

third, responsible for training new employees of the department heads and the older employees itself is the problem, their speech in front of new staff oversight. As a result of the new staff or a piece of white paper, bad work habits and ways of thinking is not a strong defensive ability, resulting in new employees can not accept the resignation or their own will also develop similar bad habits.

if the new staff after the loss is not looking for reasons, so that the new staff recruited after the continuous reduction, and then spent a lot of effort to recruit new employees, which will be extremely detrimental to the development of the company. Therefore, the root causes of the loss of new staff is to ensure the healthy development of the necessary measures to ensure the sound development of the team, it is worth giving enough attention to the dealer.

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