Five strokes to help you solve the problem of entrepreneurial loans

a good beginning is half the success, so is entrepreneurship. Just start a business, the problem is the most important issue entrepreneurs have to face. Venture capital is the best source of loans, so how to effectively solve the financing loan this thing? The following five strokes to help you solve the problem of entrepreneurial loans.

1, seeking microfinance

2, the use of their assets

banks to reduce the loan amount, asset mortgage loans taken a big step forward. For example, in First  Business  Capital company, can be used to meet the conditions of the loan receivables. Lenders can pay 85% of the total, and then pay off the remaining $15% when your customers pay. The interest paid for advance is 1 higher than the prime rate. 5 to 3 percentage points, the company’s (Michael , Colloton) said, "only in this way, we can provide credit for those companies that are not very high credit value."

3, looking for large banks

if the profitability of your credit and enterprises are very good, you can find a business loan of more lenient, but not in serious subprime problems of local banks.

4, network loan

if need a small amount of working capital, can try "person to person" (P2P) of the loan network, to find suitable lenders and borrowers on the internet. Although this is still a new thing, but the US SCORE Atlanta branch of the former chairman and adviser Steve Bloom (Steve  Bloom) believes that within three or four years, P2P lending service will make a great contribution to the finance of small enterprises."

5, negotiate with suppliers

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