Entrepreneurial team CEO should have what capacity

this is a pursuit of speed of the times, so it is a lot of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team are exploring a problem, that is how to enhance the efficiency of team entrepreneurial team CEO is a manifestation of a core value, so the ability of CEO to directly reflects the entrepreneurial team competence.


1, everyone is versatile

to let the team go forward as the chariot, the most important is to ask every member to become a generalist. This team will become very flexible, more adaptable to the entrepreneurial environment. In order to achieve this, we need to encourage our partners to come into contact with new areas and give them enough confidence. We often change the field of their work, to maintain freshness, stimulate the motivation to learn. In addition, the team members have hands-on experience, but also more accurately determine the level of the interviewer.

2, Email> IM> speech

in the centralized office, we still think through e-mail communication, reduce the interference of the partners, for improving the efficiency is beneficial, although face to face communication may be faster.

3, document centralized management

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